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Mariah, 8 yo Registered Belgian Mare

Mariah, registered Belgian mare drives single &double, used to train other drafts to team and ride.

Our most prized draft on the saved for last to sell. $8000

Belgian Gelding

Majic, 2 yo Belgian.

Two year old Belgian gelding. Started right and calm on ground driving. Ready to be hitched and started. Pair him up with his mother, Mariah as she trains.

Milkshake, 2 yo Half Draft Filly

1/2 Belgian and 1/2 Quarter Horse 2 years old. Started right. Solid.

She's a dandy. Harnesses and ground drives but not hitched yet. Started on riding by Clay Austin. $2500.

Black AQHA Mare

Registered AQHA black mare. Rides in past, boodmare as of 3 years ago. Dam of Milkshake, hald draft.

Rides, not for beginner as moves off leg cues easily and responsive. $2000

Vis a Vis Carriage

Vis a Vis carriage with single shaves anfmd team pole. $3500

Team pole and shaves for single. $3500

Draft Show Cart $1500


Used half a dozen times for state fair competitions. Bought new at Jamesport, MO.