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Various sheep for sale throughtout the year. Will be posted in the For Sale Section of this page when  available.


Babydoll Ewes


They 'smiling' small heritage breed that is hardy to raise.  Ewes are easy lambers and good mothers. They are a solid stature sheep breed that is easy to care for, wool that has a shorter staple excellent for also mixing with finer fibers due to it's barbs or on it's own for knitting and this meat producing breed is excellent for the table. Our flock is NABSSAR registered.

Scottish Blackface Ewes


The Scottish Blackface (SBF) ewes are registered and being utilized as the foundation ewes in our Valais breed up program. A hill breed of sheep prized for hardiness, meat production on grass pasture and wool that grows upwards of several inches per year.

Valais Blacknose F1 2020


We will be lambing spring 2020 our first F1 lambs from our imported Valais Ram semen with our Scottish Blackface foundation ewes.

Babydoll Rams


Rams are solid stature, excellent meat producers and wool same as the Babydoll ewes.

Scottish Blackface Rams


Originally purchased as cleanup ram for SBF ewe but this breed has us smitten so expect them to become our third chosen sheep breed on the farm.

Valais Blacknose


We are participants in the Valais Breed Up Program in the United Statses of America. Imported Valais semen from top breeders overseas. This breed is quite the rage due to it's gorgeous looks and personality. 

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