Our family

Welcome to Salsberry Farms

Located in southcentral Iowa near Corydon, we enjoy our lands and homes...together as three generations. 

About Us



Valais Blacknose:  Valais F1 lambs spring 2020!!!

Registered Scottish Blackface

Registered Southdown Babydoll


Breeding Stock, Meat Sales and Wool



Puebred Angus & Crossbred Cattle


Farm to market beef sales without antibiotics or hormones

Quarter, Half or Whole Beef 

Delivered to Locker


Custom Square Baling & Other Farm Products

 Limited Custom Small Square Baling Close to Home

Farm to Table Beef and Lamb Meat

Aronia Berry Self Picking August Annually

Farm Horses and Equipment Liquidation Limited Time


Aronia Berries

A tart, dry, high in tannins and high in antioxidants berry. We have over one thousand bushes and offer pick your own berries every August by the pound.


Horses and Equipment For Sale

Salsberry Generation One is liquidating Quarter Horse, Belgian Drafts, Half Draft Horse and equipment (Vis a Vis Carriage, Show Cart and Harness) to pursue other interests.


SJR Playrey at Stud

Generation Two: Chaz and Misti Salsberry own SJR Playrey aka T Bone, AQHA registered stud. Please see his page for additional pictures and information under the tab above.